Abstract Submission

Guidelines for abstract preparation



  1. 4 th April 2011: Abstracts submission opens.
  2. 30th September 2011: Abstracts submission closes.
  3. You will be notified about your abstract acceptance & presentation mode (oral / poster) by email.




Mode of presentation:

Indicate your preference as ORAL / POSTER presentation by ticking the appropriate box.



Structure must include the title, author(s) and affiliation Text must briefly include objective, methods, results and conclusion.


Title Font:

Times New Roman, 14 points, lower case, bold and single line spacing.



Names of all authors should be provided. Presenting author's name should be in bold and underlined. Use Times New Roman, 12 points, italics.



All author's address, and presenting author's e-mail must be in Times New Roman, 10 point, single line spacing


Abstract Text:

Maximum number of words to be restricted to 350. Text should be left and right margin justified.


Text Font:

Times New Roman, 12 point, single line spacing, paragraph to be separated by a blank line and not to be indented.


Paper size:

A4 (210 mm wide x 297 mm high)


Paper Margin:

Margins on all sides to be 2.54 cm


All scientific names of organisms/fish/shellfish etc must be in italicized.