Department of Fish Processing Technology


The Fish Processing facilities of the department consists of high grade machinery gifted by Japan for fish canning, freezing, preparation of fish sausages & other paste products and a quality control laboratory. The Dept has 2 frozen storages, an anteroom and mini ice plant of 2 ton capacity. The Dept is ideally located facing the Nethravathi estuary about 1 km. from the fish landing centre. The present facilities include 4 classrooms, 2 laboratories (UG and PG) and an instrumentation laboratory. The Dept has received ODA assistance in procuring an air blast freezer, freeze dryer, Torry smoking kiln, a Rheometer, a spray dryer and a over pressure retort. The Dept. offers UG and PG courses on post harvest aspects of fish.
The Dept. has produced 25 Ph.Ds and 150 M.F.Sc. and has handled several National and International funded research projects. The extension activities include conduct of short term training programmes and assistance to industry, fishermen and fisherwomen