English Unit


When Education and Research in Agricultural Sciences was planned and implemented in 1960’s in India on the land- grant model of the USA, it was not only the core subjects but also supporting subjects like Basic Sciences and Humanities were included in the curricula of the Agricultural Universities. One of the disciplines in the Basic Sciences and Humanities is English. The English language, being the International language for communication, language for science and technology and libraries has been the gateway of knowledge. Therefore, it was thought that it is very essential for making the graduates in Agricultural Sciences to be proficient in English too, in order to achieve the goal contemplated. Therefore, English has been a remedial course in the educational curricula of Agricultural Sciences. In the beginning, as there was a trimester system, English was offered in all the three trimesters. As the semester system was adopted in early 90’s, the course in English started being offered in one semester with 1+1 credits. In the recent revised ICAR syllabus the title of the course has been changed to “Communication Skills” and was brought under compulsory non- credit courses for undergraduate programme.