Department of FESE


  • Advisory services on environmental Advocacy.
  • Advisory services on market Information.
  • Advisory services on Project Planning and Maintenance.
  • Impact Evaluation Studies.



  1. Development of a regional plan for coastal-Agriculture-Aquaculture development.
  2.  Development of a regional-Input-Output multiplier model for fisheries.
  3. Quantification of non-market economic benefits of manager restoration.
  4. Developing enterprise budgets for fish farming and marine fisheries.
  5. Publishing in international journals and national journals.


  • Promotion of social enterprises for marketing, production, processing and marketing of the fish product and fishing with conservation.
  • Organizing the regular meeting and arranging workshops of coastal fisheries.
  • Establishing linkage with the civil society and organization for understanding social and ecology of fisheries.
  • Providing harmony Advisory services to state and central fisheries organization such as Coastal Development Authority, Directorate of Fisheries etc.