Department of Fishery Engineering & Technology Facilities


Refrigeration Plant and Cold Storage

Compressors (6A4B &4A 4B)


Ante Room

Ante Room

Cold Storage No. 1

Cold Storage No. 2

After Renovation

Installation of indoor unit

Cold storage with Mezzanine floor

Research sample freezer/Air blast freezer and storage

Ice Plant compressor

Ice Plant condenser

Accumulator and Brine Tank

ICE Storage

Ante room for Ice storage




Facilities available for research and Extension

  • Research and Training vessel (Nethravathi)
  • Refrigeration plant and Fish Processing Machineries
  • Fishing gear material testing laboratory
  • Fishing gear laboratory
  • Drawing hall for Engineering drawings and navigational chart works.
  • Fishing and Navigational Charts, Flags and other communicational systems
  • Fishing Craft  and Marine Engine laboratory
  • Aquaculture Engineering Laboratory

RTV Nethravathi Trawler cum gill netter

Refrigeration plant

Fishing gear Material testing laboratory

Fishing gear fabrication laboratory

Drawing hall for engineering and Navigation chart work

Marine Engine laboratory

Fishing Craft Engineering laboratory

Marine Engine Workshop

Fish processing hall (Canning)

Can making machineries

Sausage and past product machineries