Department of Aquatic Animal Health Management

The  Department  of  AAHM  is  a  major  Department  of  Karnataka Veterinary, Animal & Fisheries Sciences University, College  of   Fisheries,  Mangalore.  The Department  has been   recognized  by  UNESCO  as  a  MIRCEN  (Microbial Resource Center)  in   Marine Biotechnology. The mission  of  the   Department is to impart education and carry out research  in  the  area  of  Fishery  Microbiology. There is an excellent combination of courses in both traditional microbiology  and modern molecular biology. 

The   Department   is   offering   courses   in   Basic   and    Applied   Microbiology  to undergraduate (B.F.Sc. ) students.  The  Department  has  facilities   for  students to specialise in Fishery Microbiology  and  obtain  Master  ( M.F.Sc. ) and  Ph.D. degrees in this subject. The Department is the only  Centre in India  offering  M.F.Sc and Ph.D. degree in Fishery Microbiology. 

The main research interests of the Department include Molecular diagnostics, fish/shrimp health management using biotechnological approaches, molecular techniques in seafood safety assessment, marine toxins, aquatic product quality management through risk assessment and bioinformatics in aquatic sciences.

The  Department  is  closely   working  with   both aquaculture   and   fish  processing industry  and  is  offering  short  term  training  programmes.   Bioinformatics Centre funded  by  Department  of  Biotechnology,  Government  of  India  is  located at  this Centre