Department of Fisheries Resources and Management


  1. Appraisal of fisheries and resources characteristics of commercially important finfishes and shellfishes.
  2. Biology of more than 75 species of fish and shellfish species have been studied
  3. Shrimp seed resources survey in the estuaries
  4. Biodiversity of fish and shellfish in mangroves
  5. Stress studies and Vitamin requirements in fish and shellfish
  6. Digestive physiology of fishes and shellfishes
  7. Soft-shell syndrome and histopathology in cultivable shrimps
  8. Pathogenicity of luminous bacterium Vibrio harveyi in shrimps
  9. Remote Sensing and Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) forecast validation
  10. Studies on impact of monsoon fishing ban on fishers and their Indigenous Technical Knowledge
  11. Socio – economic status of local fisherfolk