National Service Scheme

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is another programme operated in the college for the bachelor degree students to educate the villagers about the importance of health and hygiene for better living. The students make aware the villagers the safe disposal of waste and take part in one of the identified work that the village needs immediate attention.


NSS Regular activities


The NSS wing of the College is organizing regular activities in the campus. During the programme, campus cleaning activities include clearing of weeds, picking up of plastic materials, plastic cups, tins, broken bottles, papers, broken tiles, tyres, dried leaves, clearing of bushes, destroying of creeps, waste materials etc around the office premises, auditorium, laboratories, class rooms, library, dispensary, live fish laboratory, swimming pool complex, hostel blocks, play ground etc. The volunteers are engaged during monthly weekends in repairs of roads and leveling of play grounds. Further, planting of gardening and teak saplings are being done during monsoon period. During world environment days (5th June), every year vanamahotsava programme is being organized in the campus. Some of the action photos are provided here about the regular activities.


NSS Annual Special Camp


Activities carried out during special camp

Every year, special camp in adopted village (selected every year) is being planned involving various associations. The college NSS volunteers are exposed to work with the local unemployed youths, students in improving the hygienic standards of the village. The following are some of the activities carried out during the stay in villages.

  • Preparation of garden and watering to the garden plants
  • Cleaning the temple surroundings
  • Beach cleaning programme
  • Clearing of weeds and picking up of waste materials including the plastics around temples and schools
  • Road and drainage repair
  • Watering of garden plants around the Balabhavan, Primary and High school
  • Cultural programmes such as singing, dancing, mono acting, mime, rangoli competition etc. involving village children, unemployed youths, house wives and the student volunteers
  • Talks by the subject matter specialists on fish net making, preparation of value added products, ffabrication and maintenance of Aquarium, advanced salting and drying of fish, preparation of fish manure and its importance etc.
  • Demonstration of fish net operation, boating, fish sorting etc.
  • Yoga, Meditation, Shramadhan activities
  • NSS volunteers are assigned the works to visit local panchayath, fishermen association, youth clubs, net making yards, fish market etc. to study the problems of the fishermen and suggestions given thereafter to overcome the same
  • Students were taken to visit fishmeal and fish oil production plants and explained them on methodologies followed for the same
  • Volunteers are also exposed to work with self help groups and directed to collect various information on their activities, programmes, duties in addition to various schemes available from the government and the extent of implementation
  • Student volunteers are placed in the fish curing and drying yard to study the methodologies adopted by the fishermen for processing of fishery products and suggestions to improve the latest techniques in curing and drying of fishes

Swachhta Hi Sewa (SHS) Campaign

The NSS unit and the college collaboratively conducted Swachhta Hi Sewa (SHS) Campaign from 22 September to 02 October, 2023 involving the active participation of both staff and students. To ensure the success of this initiative, a detailed schedule of activities and responsibilities was delegated to various department and units within the college. The schedule of activities is as follows:





Classrooms and surroundings

I BFSc students


Academic unit

Dr. Suresh T.
Assistant Registrar

Administrative unit

Dr. Annappaswamy T. S.
Dr. Lakshmipathi M. T.
AAO and AC


Girl’s hostel

Shri Shashidhar H. Badami


Department of Aquatic Environment and Management

Dr. Lakshmipathi M. T.

Department of Aquatic Animal Health Management

Dr. Girisha S. K.



Dr. Suresh T.
Library I/c

Estate Branch

Mr. Ganesh Pradas L.
I/c Estate Branch


Department of Fisheries Resources and Management

Dr. H. N. Anjanayappa

Department of Aquaculture

Dr Ganapathi Naik


Physical Education Unit

Mr. Manoj Kumar


Department Fisheries Economics, Statistics and Extension

Dr. S. R. Somashekar

ABIC and Seminar Hall

Dr. Lakmisha I. P.
Head, ABIC



Department of Fish Processing Technology

Dr. Manja Naik B.

Department of Fisheries Engineering Technology

Dr. Varadaraju S.


Campus cleaning

III BFSc students


Boys hostel


All staff members devoted one hour of their time to actively participate in the cleaning process on the designated dates. This collaborative endeavor not only contributed to the cleanliness of the college but also fostered a sense of responsibility and unity among the college community.

Dr. H. N. Anjanayappa, Dean along with the staff of the college paid their respects by offering floral tributes on the occasion of 154th birth anniversary to Mahatma Gandhi. Following this solemn tribute, a Swachhta Pledge-taking ceremony was organized to reinforce our commitment to cleanliness and hygiene.


International Coastal Cleanup Day - 2023

College of Fisheries, Mangalore undertook the International Coastal Clean Up campaign on 16th September 2023 at Panambur beach, Mangalore, Karnataka.

The College, with about 150 students along with the faculty assembled at 7:30am at Panambur beach, Mangalore to initiate the above campaign through beach cleaning and awareness rally in the surrounding area. The chief guest of the campaign Dr. Ravi, Environmental Officer, State Pollution Control Board, Mangalore gave his remarks regarding the campaign and stressed the importance of value of ecosystem services, followed by Dr. A. T. Ramachandra Naik, In-charge Dean (Fisheries), College of Fisheries, Mangalore who highlighted the importance of oceans and seas for the well being of humanity.

The entire event was efficiently organized by Dr. S. R. Somashekara, the program coordinator, who also identified the location for the cleaning campaign. Dr. Mridula Rajesh, the Co-coordinator of the program and NSS Programme Officer, supervised and guided the students, explaining the initiative's purpose and the College of Fisheries' role in the campaign. Several other faculty members from the college actively participated in the campaign.

The campaign witnessed a significant turnout, with students from various colleges in the city and local residents converging at the beach. Additionally, morning beachgoers and locals spontaneously joined the team in the cleaning efforts. The team diligently collected discarded waste items left by tourists and visitors, including plastic straws, spoons, food wrappers, cups, bottles, as well as fishing-related debris like nets and ropes. All of these waste materials were collected in gunny bags and garbage bags, subsequently handed over to the Mangalore City Corporation for proper disposal.

In addition to the beach cleaning, the team conducted a rally along the Panambur Beach premises, displaying placards and spreading awareness among residents and passersby about the harmful effects of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials that find their way into the sea. Pamphlets highlighting the adverse impacts of plastic usage were distributed to local residents to further raise awareness.

The press and media were present to support and cover the campaign, ensuring that the message reached a wider audience. The entire event concluded at 11:00 AM, leaving a positive impact on the environment and the community.


Report on the 'International Day of Democracy' the 'International Day of Democracy' by reading the preamble of the constitution

The NSS unit of the college commemorated the 'International Day of Democracy' on September 15, 2023, as per the directive from the state government, which made it mandatory for the participation of students and teachers in all educational institutions. The event was presided over by the Dean in charge, Dr. A. T. Ramachandra Naik, who delivered an impactful address highlighting the paramount importance of upholding the constitution as a collective responsibility of every citizen. He emphasized the need for a profound understanding and steadfast adherence to the principles as a fundamental step in the pursuit of building an equitable society. Adding to the significance of the occasion, Dr. Kumar Naik, the Staff Advisor, eloquently presented the importance of the day.

To mark this occasion, the preamble of the constitution was recited in both English and Kannada by Dr. Mridula Rajesh, the NSS Program Officer. The entire gathering, comprising of staff and students actively participated in the recitation of the preamble. Concluding the event on a gracious note, Mr. Dhyan Chand, a student representative, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks to all those present.


A report on the Rural Fisheries Work Experience Programme and NSS annual special camp- 2023 held during 22-29 August, 2023 at Kodi Padukere and Kodi Grama, Udupi district

The Rural Fisheries Work Experience Programme (RFWEP 401) and NSS Annual Special Camp for the academic year 2022-23 was organized for 40 IV BFSc students. This camp was a collaborative effort between our institution and the Geethanand Foundation, Kota-Padukare, as well as the Udupikinara Fish Farmers Producer Company Ltd, Kodi Kanyana. The camp spanned from August 22 to August 29, 2023, and was held in the villages of Kodi Padukere and Kodi grama, located in the Bramhavar taluk of Udupi district. Dr Mridula Rajesh, Associate Professor and NSS Programme Officer served as the Coordinator and Camp Officer while Mr. Manoj Kumar, Assistant Professor was the Co-cordinator of the programme. Faculty members of our institution actively participated in the camp, taking turns to stay in the village, ensuring its smooth operation over the 8-day duration. To streamline various camp activities different committees were formed comprising student volunteers each with specific responsibilities. These committees included stage preparation (Inauguration, Valedictory and Cultural programme), NSS Materials Management (responsibility and accountability), Shramadhana Planning and Execution, Daily Activity Programme Planning and Management, Survey Report and News Submission, Hospitality (food and conveyance) and Visitors view. Accommodation was arranged at Lakshmi Soma Bangera First Grade College, Kota-Padukere, Udupi district, ensuring the students' comfort and convenience.

Educational Visits and Practical Activities
During the 8-day period, the students had several enriching experiences:

  • Educational Visit: They visited Janatha Fish Meal and Oil Company, Tolar Ocean Pvt. Ltd, gaining valuable insights into industrial operations.
  • Hands-on Sessions: Students actively engaged in mussel culture, pearl spot farming, and cage culture.
  • Kai Rampani: Witnessed and participated in this traditional shore seine fishing activity at Kodi-Kanyana beach, gaining insights into the local fishing community.
  • Beach Cleaning: As NSS volunteers, students conducted a beach cleaning program at Kota-Padukare beach and its surroundings, contributing to environmental conservation.

Guest Speakers
Distinguished guest speakers provided valuable insights:

  • Mr. Harish Kumar Shetty: Proprietor of Vision coaching centre, Udupi guided the students on effective exam preparation and competitive exam strategies.
  • Mr. Yogesh: General Manager, Tolar Ocean Pvt. Ltd, shared job opportunities in the fisheries sector.
  • Captain Jayaprakash Mendon: Shared personal experiences from life aboard a vessel and challenges faced by fishermen.

Awareness Activities

  • Awareness Procession: Students raised awareness about the importance of fisheries in the community by conducting a procession with placards and slogans.
  • Shivaramkaranth Theme Park: Interactive session with Kota Sreenivas Poojary, former Fisheries Minister of Karnataka, provided valuable knowledge.


Specialized Training

A specialized training session on "Economic Development through Value Addition of Fish" was conducted for 25 participants. Mrs. Rekhalatha from MPEDA-NETFISH shared knowledge and skills, including the preparation of various fish products. Certificates were awarded to participants who successfully completed the program.


Daily Routine

The daily routine included the NSS flag hoisting ceremony, sports, and shramadhan activities in the morning, while the flag was lowered in the evening. Cultural programs showcased students' talents, and teachers reviewed daily events and planned for the following day.


Recreational Activities

Students enjoyed recreational activities such as kayaking, water sports, trekking to Methkal Gudda, and a visit to Kota beach to witness the sunset.

The camp culminated in a special event called "Shibirajyothi," where decorative lamps were illuminated, followed by a lively campfire. The valedictory program was graced by esteemed guests, and those responsible for the program's success were felicitated. The camp concluded with the National Anthem and the dignified dehoisting of the NSS flag.

This camp was a resounding success, promoting social awareness, fostering responsibility, enhancing understanding of social issues, nurturing leadership and teamwork skills, and instilling environmental and societal responsibility in the participants. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Anand C. Kunder, Chairman of the Geethanand Foundation (R), Dr. Sunitha V., Principal of Lakshmi Soma Bangera First Grade College, and Mr. Sudina Kodi of the Udupikinara Fish Farmers Producer Company Ltd for their invaluable support in making this camp possible.



A report on Swatch Bharat Pakwada and Van Mahotsava

The NSS unit of College of Fisheries, Mangaluru in collaboration with Panchami Gas agency, Yuvana Trust group and the Department of Forests, Govt. of Karnataka organized a Swatch Bharat Pakwada and Van Mahotsav event on 15-07-2023 at 10.00 AM.  The programme was graced with Sri. Bharath Kumar Corporator, Jeppu ward, Mangaluru, the President and Vice president of Yuvana Trust group, Shri. Dheeraj and Smt. Namitha who were the Guests of Honour.  The event was presided over by Dean Dr H. N. Anjanayappa.  The guests emphasized the significance of cleanliness and encouraged the audience to work together today and in the days to come to cleanliness in the surroundings. They stressed the importance of adopting sustainable practices such as proper waste disposal, recycling, and resource conservation. All attendees, including staff and students, took the Swachatha pledge to uphold cleanliness in their surroundings. This collective commitment aimed to foster a sense of responsibility and instill good hygiene practices among the participants.

To ensure an efficient and organized cleaning process, different teams were formed, with teachers assigned as coordinators and a student representative in each team. The following teams were assigned specific areas for cleaning namely College entrance, Mangala Guest house, Amphi theatre, Opposite to the Library, Roads, Behind Library Building, Various Departments, COFAA Guest House, Physical Education Department, on the way to Boy’s Hostel, Girls and Boys Hostel. Each team diligently worked to remove unwanted plants and trash, particularly plastics, from the designated area. The plastic waste collected was handed over to the Mangaluru Municipal Corporation for proper disposal, while biodegradable waste was sent to the landfill, ensuring that the cleaning efforts were both effective and environmentally conscious.

In the afternoon, the premises of the girls' hostel were cleaned, and Van Mahotsava was celebrated. Saplings were planted in the presence of officials from the Department of Forests. This initiative aimed to enhance green cover and promote environmental conservation within the college campus.

Mr Prashanth, the Proprietor of Panchami Gas Agency, Mangaluru, and an esteemed alumnus of our college generously sponsored all the refreshments and lunch for the event making a significant contribution to its resounding success. His support ensured that all participants had a pleasant and gratifying experience throughout the day.

The Swachh Bharat Pakwada and Van Mahotsava event organized by the NSS unit of College of Fisheries, Mangaluru, in collaboration with various partners, was a grand success. The active participation and involvement of all staff and students played a crucial role in the event's accomplishments. By fostering a sense of responsibility and promoting sustainable practices, the event contributed to creating a cleaner and greener environment. The efforts made during this event will have a lasting impact on the campus and inspire individuals to continue working towards maintaining cleanliness and conserving the environment in the future.



On the occasion of the "International Day of Yoga," celebrated worldwide on 21st June, the College of Fisheries, Mangaluru, in collaboration with Shree Sahara Prakruthi Chikitsa Kendra, Mangaluru, organized a week-long free yoga camp from 14th to 20th June 2023. The yoga camp aimed to promote the practice of yoga and its numerous health benefits. The sessions were conducted by Smt. Purnima Ashok Rao, the proprietor of the institute and an experienced yoga trainer.

The yoga camp was inaugurated on 14th June 2023 at 5.30 PM in the College Auditorium. The ceremony was graced by Smt. Purnima Ashok Rao, who delivered the inaugural address, highlighting the importance of yoga in maintaining good health at a minimal cost. Dr. S. Varadaraju, Dean Incharge, presided over the function, further emphasizing the significance of yoga in leading a healthy and balanced life.

The yoga camp witnessed a total of 35 participants, including both staff and students, who actively took part in the sessions. During the practical sessions, various yoga asanas were taught, including bhujangasana, pavanamukthasana, sethubandaasana, padahastasana, trikonasana, tadasana, utkatasana, vajrasana, vrikshasana, shavasana, and kapalbhati. These asanas aimed to promote flexibility, strength, relaxation, and overall well-being among the participants.


International Day of Yoga Celebration

On 21st June, the International Day of Yoga was celebrated at 4.30 PM in the College Auditorium. The program was honored with the presence of Mr. Jayaprakash, Chairman of Kerala Grameen Bank, and Smt. Purnima Ashok Rao as chief guests. Dr. H. N. Anjanayappa, the Dean, presided over the function, symbolizing the college's commitment to promoting holistic wellness. The event served as a culmination of the week-long yoga camp and showcased the achievements and benefits of practicing yoga.

The celebration of the International Day of Yoga at the College of Fisheries, Mangaluru, in collaboration with Shree Sahara Prakruthi Chikitsa Kendra, Mangaluru, was a remarkable success. The week-long yoga camp provided a platform for participants to learn and experience the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga. The presence of esteemed guests and the active participation of staff and students reflected the growing recognition of yoga as a powerful tool for maintaining overall well-being.


Blood Donation Camp at College of Fisheries, Mangaluru on 15 June, 2023

The Blood Donation Camp held at the College of Fisheries, Mangaluru on 15 June 2023 was a resounding success, with the noble aim of giving others a second chance to live life.  The event was organized in collaboration with KMC Hospital, Mangaluru and Vashkleen laundry services Private Limited, Bengaluru in the auditorium of College of Fisheries.  The camp aimed to create awareness about the importance of blood donation and motivate individuals to contribute to this life saving cause.

The camp was inaugurated by Sri. Bharath Kumar Corporator, Jeppu ward, Mangaluru, and Dr. Cherly Sarah Philipose, Blood Bank Officer, KMC hospital. Dr. Varadaraju, S. Incharge Dean, College of Fisheries, Mangalore presided over the function.  Dr. Mridula Rajesh, the NSS Program Officer coordinated the program with the support of III B.F.Sc students of the college “Ocean Samaritans”. The esteemed dignitaries emphasized the significance of the cause and inspired the participants to actively contribute.

The dedicated team from the blood bank of KMC arranged a hospitable environment for the blood donation process. Initially, some young individuals, especially first-time donors, displayed reluctance.  However, as the event progressed, motivation and enthusiasm spread among the participants, resulting in a successive donation drive. To ensure the well-being of the donors, the team conducted hemoglobin and blood pressure tests before the blood withdrawal.   The collection process involved drawing 350 ml of blood from female donors and 450 ml from male donors. Although, a few donors experienced lower blood pressure, they quickly recovered with adequate rest and rehydration. In appreciation of their contribution, each donor received an energy drink, puffs and an apple.

The Blood Donation Camp witnessed the selfless participation of 54 individuals who donated their blood contributing to the noble cause of saving lives. The event not only achieved its primary objective but also succeeded in creating awareness about the importance of blood donation among the participants and the community at large. It dispelled misconceptions and motivated many scholars to donate blood in future. The camp was meticulously organized, ensuring very well supervision and maintaining hygienic standards throughout the blood donation process.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Vashkleen Laundry services Private Limited, Bengaluru, for their generous funding support, which made the event possible.  Their contribution exemplifies their commitment to the well-being of the community and their understanding of the importance of blood donation.

Glimpses of Blood Donation Camp



World Environment Day 2023

On 05 June, 2023, the Department of Forests, Govt. of Karnataka celebrated “World Environment Day 2023” at Paradise Island, Boloor, Mangalore. The event aimed to raise awareness about environmental conservation and promote ecosystem restoration. The program witnessed the participation of notable dignitaries, including Sri Nalin Kumar Kateel, State President of Bharatiya Janata Party of Karnataka and Member of Parliament, DK constituency who inaugurated the program. The program was inaugurated by Sri Nalin Kumar Kateel, who emphasized the importance of environmental conservation and restoration in his address. The NSS unit of the college along with Dean Dr Shivkumar Magada, staff of Fisheries Resources and Management, final year and PG students participated in the programme.

As part of the World Environment Day celebrations, mangrove saplings were planted at the designated mangrove afforestation site. The theme for this year’s event was “Ecosystem Restoration”, highlighting the significance of restoring and preserving natural ecosystems.  The plantation of mangrove saplings aimed to contribute to the restoration of coastal ecosystems and their associated biodiversity.

The program also included a live streaming session organized by The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India. During this session, Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the World Environment Day through a video message. His message emphasized the urgent need for collective action to protect and restore the environment.



Tree plantation at College

In the evening, the NSS unit of the college took part in planting fruit and flower producing saplings. This activity aimed to promote green spaces within the college premises and encourage a culture of environmental stewardship among the staff and students.  The collective effort of the NSS unit, staff and students highlighted their commitment to a sustainable future and their active role in environmental conservation.


Regular activities 2018-19:

  • World Environment Day& World Ocean Day were organized on 5th June, 2018 in collaboration with Dept. of Aquatic Environment Management and Anti Pollution Drive Foundation, Mangaluru. During the occasion, planting of flower yielding saplings was carried out. The guests present were Mr. Maheshkumar U., Deputy Director of Fisheries and Manager of Anti Pollution Drive Foundation, Mangaluru. Dr. M.N. Venugopal, Dean (Fish) presided over the function.
  • International Day of Yoga was organized on 21st June, 2018 in collaboration with Sri Sahara Nature Cure Centre, Mangaluru. To commemorate the occasion, a one week Yoga Camp was organized. Dr. Vinutha D’souza was the Yoga teacher. Students and staff of the college were benefitted by the camp. Dr. S.M Shivaprakash (i/c Dean – Fisheries) presided over the function.
  • NSS Day, Swachchta HiSeva and Campus cleaning programme were organized in the college on 26th September, 2018. Dr. H.D. Narayanaswamy (Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, KVAFSU, Bidar) and Dr. H.R.V. Reddy (Special Officer, KVAFSU, Bidar) were guests. During the occasion, the NSS Volunteers were distributed with NSS badges and NSS Diary.
  • Saplings of ornamental plants were carried out in the College on 10th July, 2018.  B.F.Sc. students were involved in this activity.
  • On 5th March, 2019 campus cleaning programme was organized by the NSS unit and Staff Club of the college involving all teaching and non-teaching staff and students. Dr. H. Shivananda Murthy (Dean – Fisheries) addressed during the occasion.
  • A lecture on ‘Environment Conservation’ was organized in the college auditorium by the NSS unit on 21st March, 2019. Mr. Eshwar Prasad (Secretary –Poornachandra Thejaswi Prsthistana and Bengaluru Environment Conservation) wasthe Chief guest. During the occasion, two documentary films were screened suchas ‘Ocean Planet’ and ‘Om’. Staff and students of the college viewed these films. Dr. S.M. Shivaprakash (i/c Dean – Fisheries) presided over the function.

Annual Special Camp:

The village stay & NSS annual special camp was organized from 24 to 30th November, 2018 at Andgudde village near Moodabidire, D.K. dist. The NSS unit ofthe college organized the camp in collaboration with ICAR – Krishi VigyanKendra, D.K., dist., Krishi Vichara Vinimaya Kendra, Moodabidire and Aanegudde aided Higher Primary School, Valpadi graama.

            The camp was inaugurated by Father Jerold Fransis Pinto. The chief guest were Sri Sampath Samrajya (Member,Karnataka Agriculture Price Commission), Mrs. Vasanthi (President, Graama Panchayath, Vaalpadi), Mr. Subhashchandra Chauta (President, Krishi Vichara Vinimaya Kendra), Mr. Rajavarma Bylangadi (former President, Krishi Vichara Vinimaya Kendra), Mr. Nobert Perera (Head Master, Aanegudde aided HigherPrimary School, Valpadi grama), Mr. Praveen D’Kunna (Secretary, Church Management).

Duringthe camp period, the NSS volunteers were involved in various programmes suchas:

· Cleaning the premisesof School and Temples
·  Repair of play groundand roads
· Demonstration on preparation of Kitchen garden
· Farmers-Scientist-Student interaction meet
· Studies on activities of Self Help Groups (SHGs)
· Various farmers associations and role of farmers in developmental programmes
· Role of fisheries and agricultural education and opportunities for present youths
· Rural fish farming and management measures
· Opportunities in agricultural sciences
· Role of soil and its health in enhancing yield
· Integrated farming systems and its benefits
· Vegetables cultivation and management measures
·  Preparation of value added products and employment opportunities
· Scientific animal husbandry for rural farmers

During the camp, a special programme on ‘Life Skill Development’ was organized for the benefit of NSS volunteers, local youths, farmers and farm women. This programme was conducted in collaboration with ICAR – Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Krishi Vichaara Viniamya Kendra, Yuvaspandana – Dakshina Kannada dist., National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru and Aanegudde aided Higher Primary School, Vaalpadi graama. 


Village stay camp 2018-19

A week programme from 24th to 30th November was organized by College of Fisheries (NSS unit) in Valampady Grama, Annegudde. About 33 4th BFSc students has participated under the guidance of Dr. Ramachandra Naik (Co-ordinator), Dr. Chandra (co-ordinator), Dr. Surendranath, Dr. Manjunath Reddy, Dr. Rajesh D. P.

Valampady Grama. Farmers, Progressive farmers field visit - SONAS FARM VISIT, ZARS  & KVK BHRAMHAVARA,  BANNA TISSUE CULTURE PLANT were the focal points.



Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations 2018

The NSS unit in collaboration with Dept. of Physical Education celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi on 2nd October 2018 at Boys Hostel premises at 9:30 am.

As a part of Swachch Hi Seva campaign, "SWACHCH BHARATH CUP" Volley ball tournament was also conducted after the inaugural of the programme.

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NSS DAY — 2018 and SWACHCH HI SEVA programme

The Directorate of National Service Scheme (NSS), Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. Government of India has decided to observe Swachch Hi Seva — 2018 campaign from 15th September to 2nd October, 2018 throughout the country. In this direction, the NSS Unit of College of Fisheries, Mangalulru has organized NSS DAY — 2018 and SWACHCH HI SEVA programmes on 26th September, 2018 at 3.00 PM at Prof. H.P.C. Shetty seminar hall. 

Dr. H.D. Narayanaswamy, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, KVAFSU, Bidar was the Chief Guest for the programme. Professor. H. Shivananda Murthy, Dean (Fisheries) presided over the function; NSS co-ordinator Dr. Ramachandra Naik, Registrar inchrage KVAFSU, Bidar Professor. H.R.V. Reddy was also present for the programme.

The inaugural was concluded and then followed by the Campus cleaning programme from 3.30 pm from the Staff and Students.

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Health camp in collaboration with M/s MedEnnove8

The NSS Unit and the Staff Club of the college have organized a one day free health camp in collaboration with M/s MedEnnove8 in the campus to benefit students and staff on09.08.2018 from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm. In the current scenario, healthcare and diagnostics are need of the hour and is inevitable than ever before. Today, lifestyle and diet habits are played a vital role in the maintenance of the health.

During this camp, some of the important health related tests such as Blood Sugar level, Blood Pressure, Body Fat %, Body Mass Index, Height and Weight were checked free of cost.



International Day of Yoga & Yoga Camp - 2018

was celebrated in the College on June 21st, 2018 at 4.30 PM. The Yoga Day was inaugurated by Mrs. Poornima Rao (Sri Sahara Nature Cure Center, Car Street, Mangaluru), Dr. Vinutha D'Souza (Yoga Trainer, Sri Sahara Nature Cure Center, Car Street, Mangaluru) was the guest of honour., Dr. A.T. Ramachandra Naik (NSS Programme Officer, CoF, M'luru) briefed about the International Yoga Day, Mr. Manoj Kumar, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Physical Education, welcomed the gathering followed by the chief guest speech. Dr. S.M. Shivaprakash (Dean i/c -Fisheries) presided over the function.

A 7 day Yoga camp which commensed from 14th June by Dr. Vinutha D'Souza (Yoga Trainer, Sri Sahara Nature Cure Center, Car Street, Mangaluru) was also concluded.

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