Staff Club

Sri R.M. PRABHU (Ramesh M. Prabhu), Associate Professor, Dept. of Fish Processing Technology, Hoige Bazar, College of Fisheries, Mangaluru has superannuated (31.03.2017) from the University service after serving 33 years in the College.

The STAFF CLUB of the College had organised a Farewell function at Prof. HPC Shetty hall today. The Staff Club also celebrated Sri R.M. Prabhu's 62nd Birth day by cutting a cake prior to the Farewell function. Dr. A.T, Ramachendra Naik (Secretary of the Staff Club) while welcoming the guests & gatherings, highlighted his background on pre-education, fisheries education, trainings undergone & services. Dr. C.V. Raju, Dr. B. Hanumanthappa and Dr. Gangadhara Gowda spoke on the occasion on his time spent in the campus. Dr. M.N. Venugopal (the Dean & the President of Staff Club) also recollected his interactions with the friends & colleagues during student life. Sri S.G. Hegde (Joint Secretary of Staff Club) proposed vote of thanks.


Superannuation of  Dr. S. Benakappa, Professor & Head, Dept. of Fisheries Resource Management on 31th August 2016


On 30th July 2016 Mr. B. Ashok Kharvi, Sr. Fisheries Fieldman, Dept. of Aquaculture, has superannuated from his 42 years long University service. 

Dr A T Ramachandra Naik (Secretary, Staff Club) welcomed the Staff members and briefed about the role of Mr. Ashok Kharvi in the College and his services in the field of Fish farming, breeding of carps and ornamental fishes and aquarium fabrication, setting and maintenance, Dr  H Shivananda Murthy (Prof. & Head, Dept. of Aquaculture), Dr Gangadhara Gowda, Dr Ganapathi Naik M. and Mr. Ganesh from Fishery Engineering dept. spoke about the achievements of Mr. Ashok Kharvi. Dr M N Venugopal (Dean i/c) presided over the function, Mr S G Hegde (Joint Secretary) proposed vote of thanks. Mrs. Kasturi and Mrs Roopa invocated. Finally, all the faculty wished him.



Mr. Thimmappa B., who was working as Sr. Janitor (G-I) retired on 30th June 2015.




Sri Krishnappa, Senior Typist, retired from service on 31-10-2013


Sri Rama J., Senior Gardner, retired from service on 30-11-2013


Sri Jaya Sapaly, Assistant Comptroller, retired from service on 31-01-2014

Sri Bhaskar Bhandary, Senior Telephone Operator, retired from service on 31-01-2014
Smt. Felcy Rebello, Senior Typist, retired from service on 28-02-2014