Dean's Message

Greetings from College of Fisheries, Mangaluru

Fisheries is one of the fastest growing sectors with an annual growth rate over 6%. Globally, three-quarters of the countries where fish contribute more than one-third of animal protein are low-income food-deficit countries, where fish is often the cheapest and most accessible animal-source food. About 800 million people in the world and 16 million people in the country depend on fisheries and aquaculture. In the last 65 years, India could increase its fish production by 15 times and stands fourth in the world fish production and presently, producing 16.24 mt of fish where 12.34 from freshwater and 3.90 from the marine sector. The annual export is around 1.24 mt of fish and shellfish with estimated earnings of more than Rs. 48,500 crores accounting for 18% of the agricultural exports and over 3% of the total exports. Producing about 6.42% of the world's fish, India trades to the extent of 3.5% in the global fish market.

Government of India has earmarked Rs. 20050 crores INR in the name of “Pradhan Mantri Mathsya Sampada Yojana” for the development of fisheries and aquaculture in the county and set a target of achieving 22 mt and 1 lakh crore INR export earnings by 2025. This demands for strong research and extension support. Being the first fisheries college in the country, the College of Fisheries, Mangaluru has all the potential to contribute significantly for the growth of the sector. We will move from “Research and Development” to “Research for Development”, because “and” separates the purpose. We do not relax on the past glory and take up the issue/need based research programs, increase our collaborative research and play a significant role in the development of the fisheries sector in the country. College is in the moulting phase, where the entire fish farm is getting upgraded with a cost of Rs. 7.9 crores, Advanced Biotech Innovation Centre-Aquamarine will be established in the campus with a budget of 6.0 crores and Skill Develop Centre is all set to function and the infrastructure is established with a cost of 4.75 crores and many projects are in the pipeline.

I request the alumni and other professionals to help the institute for collaborative research, student exchange program and fund raising for the developmental activities. I promise you that we will change our strategy and the pace of work and hold the institute’s name high. 


Dr. H.N. Anjanayappa.    

Dean (Fisheries)