Department of Aquatic Animal Health Management

Major Research Interests 

  • Development of rapid DNA based  methods  for  detection  of  pathogens  and  application of these methods for diagnosis of   diseases  and seafood  quality  control.
  • Application of Biotechnological tools in health management  in aquaculture
  • Development of immunoprophylactic agents (vaccines and    immunostimulants)  and probiotics for use in aquaculture systems
  • Environmental impact of aquaculture, bioremediation of aquatic systems

Salient Research Highlights

  • Work on disease problems affecting aquaculture
    • Shrimp Viruses
    • Bacterial disease of shrimp
    • Development of immunostimulant for shrimp
    • Development of molecular diagnostic methods
    • Development of  Probiotics and Bioremediators for  aquaculture  
  • Work on pathogenic Vibrio spp.  
  • Work on Rapid tests to detect seafood quality  
  • Work on fish and shellfish toxicities and phytoplankton bloom
  • Work on fish pathogens including Aeromonas hydophila  
  • Work on Listeria monocytogenes