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Identification and reporting of African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) in Chinnasandra and surrounding villages of Chintamani Taluka of Chikkaballapur District on 21st October 2019

Dr. Anjanayappa H. N., Professor & Head and Dr. Kumar Naik A. S., Assistant Professor of the Dept. of Fisheries Resources and Management, College of Fisheries, Mangaluru, Scientists from FRIC, Hebbal, FRIC, Hesarghatta along with the Officials from the Dept. of Fisheries, Revenue and Police departments verified the catfish culture ponds in and around the Chinnasandra and nearby villages on 21st October 2019. There are 87 fish ponds in Chinnasandra and nearby villages. Fish samples were collected randomly from 26 fish ponds for identification of the fishes and reported as given below.

Taxonomical Identification of fish samples are based on standard taxonomical keys and the characteristics are - Body elongate, Head large, depressed and bony with small eyes. Narrow and angular occipital process; gill openings wide; cleithrum pointed, narrow with longitudinal ridges and with sharpness. Mouth large and terminal, 4 pairs of barbels present. Long dorsal and anal fins; without dorsal fin spine and adipose fin. Anterior edge of pectoral spine serrated. Caudal fin rounded. Body colour gray to olive with dark greenish; brown markings, belly white.

On the basis of the above characteristics, fish species was identified as Clarias gariepinus belongs to the family Clariidae. This fish is commonly known as “African catfish”. The committee submitted the report to the Deputy Commissioner, Chikkaballapur District with a recommendation that the culture and marketing of this fish is illegal and banned as per the decision of Hon’ble National Green Tribunal, New Delhi