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The Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India through National Centre for Coastal Research, Chennai has assigned College of Fisheries, Mangaluru to undertake International Coastal Clean Up campaign on 21.09.2019.

Keeping in view the above and the initiative taken by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi with regard to Swachtha Abhiyan the College of Fisheries, Mangaluru (CoFM), undertook the above campaign. CoFM undertakes research and academics in developing fish and fisheries in the country and also promote Conservation and Protection of the Aquatic Environment including the marine habitat.

As the coastal stretches of the country and the coastal waters are being used as dumping areas for the solid waste in several stretches of the country, the coastal environment is becoming highly polluted and also is not fit for undertaking recreational or tourism activities. Further the wastes dumped into the rivers are also brought into coastal stretches as most of the rivers drain into the sea. In this process large quantities of plastics, industrial insulation waste,  medical waste are found littered along the coastal stretches and also in the coastal waters. These plastics wastes which constitutes more than 60% of the solid waste gets disintegrated into micro plastics and find their way into the food chain as they are consumed by fish and thereafter by human beings. Large parts of the oceans are filled with plastics and there are plastic islands formed in the oceans.

The CoFM, with about 200 students along with the staff assembled at 7:30am at Tannirbhavi beach, Mangaluru to initiate the above campaign. Dr. Shivaprakash, Former Dean (Fisheries), College of Fisheries, Mangaluru gave his remarks followed by Dr. A. Senthil Vel, Dean (Fisheries), College of Fisheries, Mangaluru who highlighted the importance of oceans and seas for the well being of humanity. Shri K.P Paniker, Project co-ordinator for Thannirbavi beach Yojaka (India)   Pvt .   Ltd.   was also present for the event. The programme co-ordinator Dr. S. R. Somashekhar organized the entire event including identification of site. He  also explained about the initiative and the role of College of Fisheries in the campaign.  Dr. A.T. Ramachandra Naik and Dr. Shivkumar Magada explained the harmful effects of the plastics and provided alternative solutions.

The College of Fisheries team was also joined by the Indian Coast Guard teams and Central Industrial Security Force team at the Tannirbhavi site. The total congregation at the site was around 500 people. The local people and the morning beach walkers also joined the teams. The team collected the discarded wastes from tourists/visitors such as plastic straws, spoons, food wrappers, cups, bottles, toys etc. The team also found large number of empty liquor bottles, slippers and thermocol. The garbage also comprised of fishing related debris like fishing nets, ropes, floats, buoys etc. All these wastes were segregated into degradable and non – degradable wastes in gunny bags & garbage bags and were handed over to Mangaluru City Corporation. Further the team along with the placards took up rally along Tannirbhavi village spreading the message and making the residents/passersby aware of the harmful effects of plastic and other non- biodegradable materials dumped into the sea. The teams were also joined by local school children. The pamphlets highlighting the adverse impacts of pollution was distributed to local residents and were requested to avoid the usage of plastic.

The press/media was also present for supporting this campaign. The students of the College of Fisheries  - Mr. Darshan, Ms. Sinchana, Ms. Soundarya, Ms. Ishani Gowda expressed their concerns with regard to increase of plastics in sea water and their adverse impact on younger generation.

The entire event culminated at 11am.