Department of Aquatic Environment and Management


  Dr.  H.R.V. Reddy
Professor and Head Aquatic Environment Management
Area of  Specialization : Ecology, Phycology, Marine Biology
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Dr.  Gangadhara Gowda
Professor Aquatic Environment Management
M.F.Sc.,Ph.D. (Aquatic Biology)
Area of  Specialization : Aquatic productivity, Aquatic biodiversity management
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Contact No : 9741479589


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Dr.  Shivakumar M
Professor (Aquatic Biology)
Area of  Specialization : Aquatic biology
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Contact No : +91-9945783906 Pdf (Download)




Dr.  A.T. Ramachandra Naik
Associate Professor Aquatic Environment Management
M.F.Sc. in Fish Production and Management,
Ph.D. in Aquaculture
Area of  Specialization :Aquatic biology, Aquaculture, Aquatic biodiversity
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Contact No : +91 99640 24084




Dr. Lakshmipathi M.T.
Associate Professor
M.F.Sc. in  Fish Production and Management
Ph.D.  in Aquatic Biology
Area of  Specialization : Marine pollution, Aquatic Biodiversity
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Contact No : 9945145452 Pdf (Download)