Department of Fishery Microbiology

Research Projects completed (Last 5 years)

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Title of the Project


Funding Agency

Duration & Budget


Use of molecular techniques in the study of Dinoflagellatescysts, blooms and their toxicity and mitigating the effects of harmful algal blooms in the Arabian sea”. 

Dr. Indrani Karunasagar

 Swedish  International Development Cooperation Agency


2010 - 2014


Defense genes of tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) with respect to bacteria (Vibrio harveyi) and white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) infection. 

Dr. M.  N  Venugopal

ICAR-   National  Fund  for Basic and Strategic Research,    

68.65 Lakh


Prevalance and impact of antibiotic resistant bacteria of non-human origin (associated with aquaculture, fish  processing, livestock & poultry) on human health management. 

Dr. Indrani Karunasagar

Dr. M N Venugopal

Indian Council of  Medical Research

40.80 lakh


Capture and Removal of ammonia from fish processing and aquaculture waste water by Archaea. 


Dr. S. K Girisha

ICAR-National Fund for Basic and Strategic Research.  

91.14 Lakh


Development of shrimp densovirus dsRNA as an immunoprotectant and delivery via probiotics and nanoparticle mode

Dr. Indrani Karunasagar

Dr. M N Venugopal

Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund, Department of Biotechnology, GoI 

61.39 lakh   


Development of recombinant  bacterial   vaccine for cultured fish vaccine. 

Dr. Indrani Karunasagar

Dr. M N Venugopal

Indo-Norwegian platform for fish & shellfish vaccine development, Department of Biotechnology, GoI 

61.39 lakh



Head of the Dept,  


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