Department of Fisheries Resources and Management


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Dr. H.N. Anjaneyappa
Professor & Head Fisheries Resources & Management
M.F.Sc., Ph. D. in Fisheries Resources and Management.
Area of  Specialization : Taxonomy of finfish and shellfish,
Fish population Dynamics and Stock Assessment
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Contact No :+91 9980462571 Pdf (Download)




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Dr.  Mridula Rajesh
Assistant Professor
M..F.Sc, Ph. D. in Bio-Sciences
Area of  Specialization : Biology and physiology of finfish and shellfish
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Contact No : 9448627179 Pdf (Download)

  Shri. Kumar Naik A. S.,
Assistant Professor, Fisheries Resources and Management.
M.F.Sc., M.Sc(E.E)
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Contact No :  +91 9880351609
Text Box:    Dr.Rajesh D.P.
Assistant Professor
Area of  Specialization :Fishery Biology
  Shri. Sudhir Kumar
Lab Assistant

Smt. U. Geetha