Department of Fisheries Resources and Management

Future plans


  1. Emphasis on exploitation of deep sea and offshore resources
  2. Aquatic resource management programme through community participation
  3. Focus research on conservation biology and management of endangered and threatened marine fishes
  4. To prepare a index of freshwater ichthyofauna of Western Ghats.
  5. To undertake research on indigenous fishes available in coastal wetlands and to explore the possibilities of using them for aquaculture
  6. To prepare an action plan for effective implementation of code of conduct for responsible fisheries


  1. To introduce two new PG programmes in
    1. Conservation biology and management
    2. Coastal and marine ecology


  1. Assessment of constraint in implementation of BMP’s and providing technical solutions
  2. To create awareness on endangered and threatened marine fishes to fishermen and train them in taxonomic characteristics of such fishes.