Technologies developed/transferred

Gelatin from fresh water fish processing waste
A technology has been developed for gelatin production from the skin , bones and air bladders of Indian Major Carps which are cultured in large quantity in India. Yield of gelatin from wet skin varied between 14-18%.
Dried gelatin 

Fish mince – cereal based extruded products
Cereal flours with fish mince was used for extrusion process. Twin screw extruder with co-rotating screws was used. The optimum processing conditions included barrel temperature of 90o – 120oC, screw speed of 350 rpm, die diameter of 4mm and a feeding rate of 7.2 Kg / hr.

The end product had a high nutritional value with reference to amino acid profile and calcium content (with ragi flour). The product could be kept under ambient temperature with appropriate package for 4-6 months.



Extension of shelf life of fish sausage using nisin as preservative

A process for extension of shelf life of fish sausage in synthetic casing has been developed. Nisin at 200 ppm was found to be optimum in extending the shelf life of sausage at refrigerated temperature by 60 days over that of control

Future Research Thrust and Projection

  • Field level diagnostics
  • Development of simple oral vaccines
  • Pharmacology of antibiotics, drugs and toxins in aquaculture
  • Metagenomic approach to study of non culturable microbes especially archaea.
  • Insilico development of drug targets and immunogenic peptides  for vaccine development to combat diseases in aquatic animals
  • Development dsRNA as an antiviral strategy for several fish and shrimp diseases.
  • Development of microsatellites for genetic breeding programmes of fish and shrimp.
  • Fish Nutrigenomics – how nutrient composition influence gene expression and resistance to disease.
  • Pharmacogenomics of marine organisms and study of bioactive molecules
  • Bioinformatics support for development of test kits for seafood pathogens
  • Genomics of antibiotic resistance of aquatic pathogens and their evolution
  • Breeding of indegenious fishes.