Department of Fishery Engineering & Technology Achievements


  • Development of meat picking machine .
  • Design and fabrication of Gill Net Hauler and Long Line Hauler.
  • Design and fabrication of Brail net for purse seiners, Fish Traps for rock cods and Crab  Trap for “Schylla serrata” species.
  • Design and Fabrication of subercrub Otter boards and V-doors for trawl fishing.
  • Extensively involved in extension works by providing number of training programmes in the use of electronic equipments on board the fishing vessels for deep sea fishing and marine engine maintenance for the mechanized boat operators along the coast of Karnataka and also for the officials of the Department of Fisheries. This is  responsible for the present status of deep Sea fishing activity in Karnataka.
  • Energy Conservation in Fishing Vessels particularly in fuel saving approaches.
  • Selectivity in trawl fishing for the reduction of by-catch and juveniles.
  • Computer design models were developed on the following
    • Estimation of Catch per Day (CPD) fishing.
    • Supplies required for carrying out the given fishing trip.
    • Selection of Installed engine power for the fishing vessel.
    • Optimization of propeller design for trawlers fitted with known engine power.
    • Design of population plant for energy efficient fishing vessels
    • Optimizing Fishing Vessel Designs Based on Techno-Economic Analysis.
    • Estimation of Investment and costs for a given fishing unit.