Faculty of Department of Fishery Engineering & Technology

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Dr. B. Hanumanthappa
Professor and Head Fishery Engineering
M.F.Sc., ITC F. Tech. (Belgium), D.F.G.Tech.(UK), Ph. D.
Area of  Specialization : Gear Engineering
Email : hanu.bhairol@gmail.com

Contact No : 9448545878

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Dr. S. Varadaraju
Associate Professor(SG)
B.E.(civil)., M.Tech. (H.W.R.E.), Ph.d.
Area of  Specialization : Fish farm Engineering
Email : svraju1103@rediffmail.com

Contact No :9448696045 Pdf (Download)

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Sri. Shashidhar H. Badami
Assistant Professor (SS)
D.M.E., B.E.(Mech.)., M.Tech.(PT)
Area of  Specialization : Processing equipment Refrigeration machineries
Email :  shashidhar.badami@rediffmail.com

Contact No :9448408965 Pdf (Download)

jaya naik


Name : Dr. Jaya Naik

Designation : Assistant Professor

Area of  Specialization : IFT/ FPT

Email :jayanaik23@yahoo.com

Contact No :09964482368 Pdf (Download)


Smt.  Kamalakshi

Sr. Boat Cook