ICAR-AICRP Achievements/Technologies developed

  1. Women Friendly Fish Vending and Display Unit
  2. Fish Ham and Patty using button mushroom
  3. Smoked Fish Sausage Using Natural Preservatives
  4. Fish snacks using hybrid solar biomass powered dryer

Women Friendly Fish Vending and Display Unit

The technology is the first of its kind in the country and addresses the issue of post-harvest loss in terms of extending the keeping quality of seafood and fresh water fishes with ice storage and avoid the drudgery of the fisher women in procuring fish on regular basis from various places in bulk. Generally icing of fish adds to cost and transportation expenses. Since this technology has well insulated storage space for fish, it reduces the ice melting rate, thereby reducing the selling cost incurred for ice This technology extends the keeping quality of fish for 4 to 5 days and increases the marginal benefit to fish vendors. Also the technology helps to change the existing practice of unhygienic handling and marketing of fish.


Fish Ham and Patty using button mushroom

Fish ham may be described as small cubes of red meat tuna, minced mutton and dermal fat of pork, mixed with ground fish paste (as binding meat) and packed in synthetic casing, sealed and heat processed. The meat and fat pieces (cubes) form 50 to 60 % of the product, exhibiting a mosaic pattern, when it is cut into slices. The dominating feature of the meat pieces in the product, gives the name “fish ham”. It is preserved at lower temperature. Shrimp chunks can be used as an alternative to meat to improve the flavor and integrity of fish ham slices when stored under refrigerated and frozen conditions. The ham packed in fibrous casing will have shelf life of 21 days at refrigerated temperature and nearly 90 days at cold storage.

Fish patty is formulated using button mushroom. Fish patty is a convenience ready-to-cook product, which can be directly eaten or used in fish burger as a base material.  Mushroom is used as an attempt to improving nutritional quality and at the same time to reduce production cost of meat based patties. The shelf life of patty is around 20 days at refrigerated storage.

Ready-to-Eat Fish Ham in Sliced Form

Ready-to-Eat Fish Patty

Smoked Fish Sausage Using Natural Preservatives

Fish Sausage as a ready-to-use food item has been extensively popular in Japan and has evinced a great deal of interest in India. Being a cheap, fish based, highly nutritious item, its high degree of acceptability is due to its several desirable quality characteristics such as appearance, color, taste, flavor and resilience. The advantage of fish sausage is that dark meat and flesh from acceptable species, such as whale etc, can be utilized fully.

Fish sausages in natural casing after subjecting to wood smoking at 70 ºC for 2 hr, were studied for their keeping quality in chill storage at 5 ± 1 ºC. Physical, chemical, microbiological and sensory tests were conducted in assessing the acceptability of the sausage at regular intervals. It was found that fish sausages in natural casing remained acceptable for 21 days. However, smoke treatment could enhance the shelf life to 28 days at the same temperature with or without preservatives. Hence smoke treatment can be considered as one of the best preservation methods, which increase the storage life of fish sausages in natural casing.

A case study was made on the quality and stability of cellulose casings in comparison to synthetic casing (Krehlon/poly vinyldichloride), which showed that the cellulose casing can be considered as a very good substitute for synthetic casing as the cost of cellulose casing was found to be 10 times cheaper than synthetic casing. The shelf life of smoked sausage in cellulose casings was revealed to be 40 days under refrigerated condition.

Ready-to-eat smoked fish sausage in natural Casing & cellulose casing

4. Fish snacks using hybrid solar biomass powered dryer

Innovative value added ready to fry dried anchovies were developed using solar biomass hybrid drier. The quality and storage stability of dried coated anchovy with standardized coating recipe was better compared to control. The coated sample was observed to have shelf life of 90days

Ready to eat fried anchovies

List of patents 

  • Patent Application  no. 3646/CHE/2014 filed on 25.07.2014 for A system for Storing Displaying and Vending Foods.

List of technologies transferred. 

  1. Fish  Patties and Fish Chikuwa  were transferred to a women entrepreneur
  2. Fish sausage in cellulose casing
  3. Methods of Processing and Development of Value Added Fishery Products

List of technologies ready for commercialization

  1. Design and fabrication of fish vending table for sale of fresh fish
  2. Dried Masala coated Anchovies using Solar Drier
  3. Smoked fish sausage in cellulose and natural casing
  4. Extension of shelf life of fish steaks, fillets and whole fish using natural antioxidants and antimicrobial agents
  5. Fish ham with shrimp chunks using fibrous and synthetic casings
  6. Development of poultry feed using seafood industry waste
  7. Methods of Processing and Development of Value Added Fishery Products